Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Benefits Red Onions

Benefits of red onion - Plants that are used as flavoring in foods is proved to have great benefit for us. Typically used for seasoning vegetables and is often cooked as fried onion flavor that is used to complement the cuisine. But do you know the benefits of the onions themselves? For that let us see what the benefits are this onion.

From the research, it turns out onion bulb extract with a dose of 250 mg / kg, causes a decrease in normal blood sugar levels by 23.46%. In granting tolbutamid dose 250 mg / kg orally, showed a normal blood sugar levels by 22.21%, and the provision of distilled water with a dose of 5 ml / kg orally showed a normal blood sugar levels by 3.00%.

It has been doing research on the protective effects of onion on the liver damage from carbon tetrachloride. From the results of these studies, it turns out Shallots inhibit GPT increased plasma and liver tissue damage caused by CCl4.

The benefit for treating diseases such as:

- cough
- Menstruation irregular
- Diabetes
- Helminthic
- Fever in children (topical)
- Abdominal bloating in children (topical)
- Able to prevent blood clotting
- Provide recovery opportunities in asthmatics
- Lowers blood pressure and fat levels in the blood
- Prevent the rise in blood sugar in people with diabetes mellitus


Prepare onion 4 grams, leaf poko fresh 4 grams, leaf Sembung fresh 4 grams, herbs fresh 4 grams, fruit anise 2 grams and water 125 ml. The trick with crushed, made ​​infusions or pills and can be used once a day with a drink. Long treatment for 14 days.


Prepare onion (chopped) as much as 4 grams, beans fruit (chopped) 15 grams, bay leaves (chopped) 10 pieces and 120 ml water. The trick is made intravenously and taken once 100 ml. Treatment 14 days.


Stomach Bloating in Children, Remedy: Bulbs Onion (thin slices) to taste, to taste Coconut oil, eucalyptus oil to taste. Directions: knead. How to use: The oil is smeared on a bloated abdomen, whole body, legs, and hands in children a fever.


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